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Writing and Translating Services

Some messages are so important, they must be shared with the world. The content is there, but sometimes the only thing that’s missing is a talented writer/translator/editor who understands the message to communicate it to the world.

If you or a Rav or Rebbetzin you admire have a message that must be shared, I will work with you to (i) turn those shiurim or Hebrew texts into an article or a book or (ii) to translate a Hebrew text into an English form that captures the tone and content of the original.

Alternatively, you may have an exciting project or organization that deserves to be shared with the world in an article submitted to a magazine or newspaper, or through the written word on a website, in an email, or promotional materials. I will work with you to understand your project and communicate it with the world in the most effective way possible according to your goals.

Please see the Writing Samples section for samples of some of my prior work and contact us for more information, to discuss your project, or for a quote. The following is a brief description of the primary services offered by DY Writing Services:

Shiur Adaptation: An idea originally presented orally must be communicated differently when presented in written form. Using audio files or notes/transcriptions of shiurim, I will create a written adaptation specifically designed for your target audience. Depending on your goals, they could be adapted into articles, book chapters, or the like.

Translation: According to the Rambam, the proper translation method involves absorbing the message of the original text and then explaining in the new language. This method is superior to literal word-for-word translation because many words’ literal translation have a different tone and connotation than the original text. Many words may be translated as one word or vice versa. The main point is to communicate the message of the original text since an exact literal translation would not accurately translate the intent of the original. This is my modus operendi when translating from Hebrew to English and I will approach your project using this method.

Books: You may have a collection of teachings, a Rav, Rebbetzin, or organization to profile that is best shared with the world in book form. I will work with you to formulate a plan for publication, including the research, organization, writing, editing, and finalizing/publishing stage. I am available to work with publishers to coordinate the process of bringing your book project from potential to reality.

Articles: If you have a project that you would like to share with the world by submitting an article for publication in a magazine or newspaper, I can work with you to conduct any necessary interviews or information gathering and write a pitch/top-flight article for submission in the publication(s) of your choice.

Business Writing: I am available to write brochure, website content, email text, or any other content you need for your business. When writing this type of content, I first speak with you or do whatever research is necessary to understand and believe in the necessary message. This way, I truly capture the tone and content of the project.

Visit our Writing Samples page or Contact Us to be in touch.